If you’re a woman who uses jogging and yoga to keep in shape but are interested in stepping up your workout intensity, set your sights on a boxing gym.

Sure, you might not dream of trading punches with another fighter, but a boxing workout can test your physical and mental health while providing many benefits. Perhaps best of all, a boxing workout is comprehensive — a standard session includes a combination of cardio and strength training.

Women who train at a boxing gym receive a multitude of benefits. This type of workout can burn hundreds of calories per hour, making it valuable if you want to maintain your weight or shed a few pounds. Boxing also strengthens both your upper-body muscles and the muscles in your core and lower body. Boxing improves your balance and flexibility while also boosting your confidence and serving as a valuable self-defense tool.

Many women complain about their arms. Some say it is saggy, some want more toned arms. Both speed bag and double end bag training are just what they need. Speed bag session burns 200 calories in 20 minutes and only your arms, shoulders work during the speed bag session. Double end bag training is similar to speed bag and you still get mostly cardio for your arms. However, punching technique is a lot different. For example, you can even do uppercuts with it. With that, you will burn the same amount of calories and these all will be from your shoulders and arms. And achieving great looking arms will be sooner than you think