Why train within a small group or with a personal trainer? Multiple Reasons:

  • Motivation… is the most important benefit of working with a personal trainer. With motivation & experience we coach you through plateaus, injuries, and lack of confidence in your abilities.
  • Goals… are more quickly achieved at RAWNAQ because you are motivated, counseled, and pushed by a fitness trainer. Each session is unique to your body type & goals. At RAWNAQ Fitness we will give you a more effective workout in an hour PERSONALLY
  • Safety… in all your workouts is vital. At RAWNAQ we will ensure that you exercise safely to prevent injury. A fitness trainer will observe how you perform each and every exercise making sure you are in the correct form and will modify the exercise if you are unable to perform the exercise correctly. Most exercises have modifications and as each level of fitness is attained the modifications will be enhanced to make the exercise more difficult and ultimately more effective, all while being safe for you.
  • Appointment Based… with a personal trainer keeps you consistent to your workout plan. And, when you have a scheduled appointment and a smiling face waiting for you at the fitness, you are a lot less likely to skip a workout.
  • Affordability… is found at RAWNAQ. For as little as AED 100 per session, you reap the rewards of working with a highly skilled, qualified, & motivated fitness trainer.
  • Versatility… At RAWNAQ you will be exposed to a variety of training to help your personal growth. There will be a progression of routines to keep your workouts fresh and interesting, designed for you and your ability
  • Fun… At RAWNAQ you will have fun with your trainer and the other clients. You will create friendships, find peer support, enjoy your workouts & most importantly attain your fitness goals – and enjoy the results at RAWNAQ FITNESS for Women